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Establishment of Foundation

The Mudumalai Tiger Conservation Foundation (MTCF), Tamil Nadu Trust has been established in accordance with the provisions of the Sec. 38X of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 (as amended in 2006). The Foundation has been registered as a Trust on 25.03.2010 vide Registration No.64/2010 with the Deed of the Trust as approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Foundation shall be a trust, registered under the relevant rules of the Government. The Head Office of the Foundation shall be located in Udhagamandalam, in proximity to the Tiger Reserve. The area of operation of the Foundation shall be the Tiger Reserve and its adjoining landscape, forming the impact zone with possible corridor value for dispersal of wild animals from the Tiger Reserve. The details of the Deed of Trust for MTCF as approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Objectives of the Foundation

The key objectives of the Tiger Conservation Foundation are:
  • To facilitate and support the management for conservation of Tiger and Bio-diversity and to take initiatives in Eco-development through involvement of people in such development process.
  •  To conserve the valuable biodiversity and the natural resources of Mudumalai Tiger Reserve for posterity.
  • To protect Tiger and its co-predators and make efforts for improvement of its prey base in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.
  • To reduce biological interference and reducing the bio-degradation through Eco-development programmes.
  • To improve livelihood options of the Forest dependents and reduce their forest dependency  by providing alternative employment opportunities.
  • To integrate community development effects with natural resources management.
  • To promote awareness among local people in the conservation and augmentation of  wildlife through imparting nature education and ecological research.
  • To provide financial support to the Tiger Reserve Management in absence of budgetary support in furtherance of tiger protection works and habitat management to protect other wildlife at times of crisis.

Activities to be undertaken by the Foundation

In pursuance of the above objectives, the functions of the Foundation, to be undertaken through the implementing agency, the sponsoring / supporting institutions, agencies or individuals shall be to take up all such activities as are required to meet these objectives. Role of the foundation is basically to support the Tiger Reserve management in biodiversity conservation initiatives such as:

  • Management of the Tiger Reserve and its protection from all the threats as per the approved Tiger Conservation Plan by the National Tiger Conservation Authority.
  • Habitat Improvement for enhancing prey base for tiger and other sympatric carnivores in the Reserve.
  • Welfare Measures for staff of the Reserve including staff on daily wages.
  • Awareness Programmes for diverse stakeholders.
  • Maintenance of infrastructure of the Reserve.
  • Conducting Wildlife population estimation programme as per NTCA protocols.
  • Income Generation activities to enhance the livelihood options of the tribal’s and other fringe forest dwellers.
  • Incurring expenditure for scheme work in anticipation of the sanction of schemes/ Letter of Credit and recouping the amount back to the Foundation on receipt of Government Order and funds for the respective schemes.

Governing Body

The Governing Body of the Foundation is the apex policy and decision making body originally formed as per G.O.Ms.No.50 Environment and Forests (FR V) Department Dated. 11.6.2008 and was later reconstituted as per G.O.Ms. No.100, E&F (FR V) Dept. Dated. 01.09.2015.

Office and Authority of Governing Body

The Tiger Reserve state shall have a governing Body for giving overall policy guidance and direction to the tiger conservation foundation(s). The Governing Body of the Tiger Conservation Foundation shall have the following:-

i Minister-in-charge of wildlife in the State Government President
ii Principal Secretary to the Government (Forest Department) Vice President
iii Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force) Member
iv Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Project Tiger Member
v Chief Conservator of Forests &Field Director of the Tiger Reserve Member
vi Deputy Director of the Tiger Reserve Member
vii Two prominent scientists or Qualified experts in the field Member(s)
viii Member of Legislative Assembly, Who represent concerned area in the State Legislative Assembly Member
ix Representative of the District Panchayat having Jurisdiction over the area Member(s)
x Two members of the Executive Committee of the Foundation Member(s)
xi Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & Chief Wildlife Warden Member – Secretary

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Mudumalai Tiger Conservation Foundation, Tamil Nadu Trust originally formed as per G.O.Ms.100 Environment and Forests (FR V) Department Dated. 18.9.2008 has been reconstituted as per G.O. Ms. No.158, E&F (FR V) dept. dated 21.11.2011.

Office and Authority of Executive Committee

As per Deed of Trust No.23, the Field Director of the Tiger Reserve shall be the Executive Director of the Foundation and he shall carryout all administrative and day to day functions of the Foundation on behalf of the Executive Committee and he shall be the custodian of all records, assets and belongings of the Foundation.

 1 Field Director Chair person
 2 Deputy Director Member Secretary
 3 Two representative of Eco Development Committees working in the Tiger Reserve Members
 4 Two members of frontline staff of the Tiger Reserve’s nominated by the Governing Body Members